Leandri Marx Photography

My story began 4 years ago when my little girl was born. Like every mom, we love taking a 100 million photos of our babies.  I kept on moaning, more like “skimping” for a better camera and that's when my husband bought me my first real camera... the ones where the lens could move! 🙂

I was so impressed by this camera that I started bugging anyone and everyone I knew to come and take photos. I did everything and anything just to get started with the vision and passion that i had for photography.

I started with newborn shoots, as I thought to myself:  “Hey babies, how hard can this be, right?” From there, I started with maternity shoots, styled shoots, and wedding photography.

After all the experiences and guidance from saw seen photographers in the photo industry, I scalped myself and found my style.

So here I am today, many tears, prayers, and “you can do it” talks from my husband, I could not be more happier and blessed. As a family we spend our days watching and imitating PAW PATROL, playing hide and go seek with our 4 year old and our dog Noenoes. We are beach lovers and love to travel.

I love to try and cook every night and my husband loves take aways. {mmmh}
My daughter is my biggest fan and my "go to" model when am trying something new.

I am so grateful for this journey and thankful for every client, that helps me achieve my dream.

Be blessed


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